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Pedal the revolution

 Join us in creating a low carbon future built around safety, style and a seamless bike ride


The POC and forth initiative


Driven by the mission, POC has gained a reputation for innovation and design, but the core approach has always been to focus on the user, to deliver products with performance, functionality and unique excellence. Short distance commuters have precise needs: apparel that can protect and withstand all the elements, function and fit which supports urban biking and products which enhance your safety and connect you to the world. Above all else, they need function and practicality that eliminates the unnecessary border between the commute, office, restaurant or home.

The collection has a core series of jackets that will protect urban commuters from cold, wind and rain whilst enhancing safety through connectivity and interactivity. POC and Forth also includes additional products: a smart helmet; glasses; overshoes; gloves, all of which work seamlessly with the core of the collection to ensure future commuters have no limitation.



The POC See Me app

Technology is fundamental in improving a cyclist’s safety and to support this POC has developed an app to work with a variety of its products. The POC See Me pocket, which is integrated in all the commuter jackets, is a simple and effective example. When the POC Aid app is opened on a smart phone and placed in the POC See Me pocket it allows a user to signal left or right via voice control.